Bloyalty4u is a loyalty program that aims to retain customers in commercial businesses. Being a tool able to exploit the geolocation of the exercises, it is able to create collaborations between different operators so as to encourage a territorial spending network; specific feature that makes it interesting, as well as for individual merchants, also for associations of shopkeepers, territorial districts, consortia.
When paying with an operator who activated the Bloyalty4u program, the payment terminal P.O.S. in the classic receipt referring to the specific transaction, it will also print information regarding the benefits generated by the purchase and the related total points balance.
To be able to use it, the cardholder will only have to register by following the instructions on the receipt itself; if the customer is already registered, he can immediately use the benefits he has accrued.
There are two ways:
• The simplest is to make a payment through a POS card in one of the participating shops and register with the registration code printed on the receipt;
• The second is to add your payment card to the appropriate section of the site.
Both in one case and another, starting with the next transaction, carried out with the card, all the benefits can be automatically paid out without the need for further efforts.
The card details are anonymized so no one is in possession of your data.
All the benefits that are earned by customers (cash back but also coupons and other discounts) can be spent within the individual merchant and / or in any shop if they have been accumulated within a consortium of merchants. In some situations (which will be highlighted from time to time) it is possible that some stores provide extra bonuses, which can only be used in their own store. This option is indicated directly on the receipt.
Once signed up, the loyalty program is automatically activated on the payment card of customers who want to participate, without the need to use additional plastic cards (zero plastic production costs and zero obligation to deliver an additional piece of plastic to end customers ...).
Customers immediately begin to accumulate benefits and discounts, as established by the exhibitors who join the program.
The advantage for the operator lies in the possibility of retaining his customers with customized programs, very flexible and personalized by himself. Without charges in having to produce yet another loyalty card, but using the payment card that customers already have.
The POS delivered by a Bank of the Bper Group allow the activation of the service, refer to its branch for activation.
The application linked to the program can be used whenever the loyal customer wants to accumulate / redeem the benefits made available by the Consortium.
If the customer does not intend to associate his card to take advantage of the benefits, you can proceed with the transactions as usual, without using the BLoyalty4u application.
On the website www.bloyalty4u.it you will have a personal area with access via login and private password where you can manage your personal data, your points of sale, the transactions related to your terminal and view the statistics and graphs related to your business.